Boring Old Fartz MCC

A Friendly, Family Based Motorcycle Club in the West Midlands.

Brief History of Boring Old Fartz by Founder Member "Cyco".

Boring Old Fartz was formed by ex-Members of a back patch bike club called 69 MC

Ex-69 Club Member, Graham Withey (RIP) was diagnosed with cancer and spent many months in and out of hospital ending up in St Mary's Hospice, Selly Oak. It was here that I saw him for the final time but during my brief visit we talked about the 'Old 69 Club' and Graham said he still wished that the 'old times' could be rekindled.

After this visit with Graham I got to thinking about our conversation and how Graham had wished that the old club were still going but it took a few years to get this idea to a fruition.Firstly I needed a name, as the Sixtynine MC was now defunct.
Funnily, ex-69 Member, Kenny B came up with the name at one of our get togethers, he called us 'the old farts'on his invitation.

So shortly after this I designed the Boring Old Fartz patch, incorporating the 69 into it and using the old club colours (Gold on Black). I then contacted as many of the ex-69 and friends as I could and arranged a meeting at a bar in Birmingham called Strikers (now the Roadhouse), which belonged to the Withey family and where Graham and ourselves had had some very good times. This was also the venue for Graham's wake.

It was generally thought to be an excellent idea and it was decided that owning a bike was not a necessity to join the BOF so the MCC was omitted from the patch so not making the club a 'motorcycle club'. This is why the older patches have no MCC marking.

The Boring Old Fartz got off to a great start with myself doing all the party and run organization plus the Newz Letters with the aid of Teresa, my partner. Then in the second year
we had Runny Fart (Mick Condon. RIP) and Sue helping with the organization and all the monies not spent on the Club newz and Club entertainment went to a big Xmas party as by this time the Boring Old Fartz had taken over Strikers as our 'Club House' and renamed it The Roadhouse.

Since then the Boring Old Fartz MCC, has evolved into a very well organized motorcycle club. Now having its own Club House (Jabba) plus the use of The Roadhouse and putting on the Whistle with the Wind Rally and the (now discontinued) Isle of Wight Invasion every year.

The Boring Old Fartz MCC also fund raise and support many local and national charities.

I think Graham would be really proud to see how the club has evolved. I know I am.


Founder of Boring Old Fartz.


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